Let's End ICBC

Give 3.5 million BC drivers a choice in auto insurance

It's time to End ICBC's Monopoly

The lack of choice in auto insurance in BC is making life unaffordable for too many British Columbians. ICBC uses the power of law to force all drivers to buy their insurance, whether they see value in it or not.

And because ICBC has never had to face competition, they've become a bloated bureaucracy that's stuck in the past--you can't even renew your policy online in 2020!

ICBC is a creature of government, and keeps making bad business decisions that cause it to lose billions of dollars. It's time to end ICBC's monopoly, and allow real competition in BC's auto insurance industry.

Over 80% of British Columbians agree, but to make change, we have pressure the government. To join our campaign, please subscribe below.

BC Wants Choice

In a recent survey, 82% of British Columbians said they want more choice in auto insurance. This support crosses political lines, with Liberal, Green, and NDP voters all supporting for greater competition. Sadly, many of our elected representatives haven't got the memo, and still favour an outdated monopoly system. The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation has suggested six ways to deal with the problem in their report.

It's a financial mess

ICBC lost $1.15 billion last year. When a company doesn't face competition, and is subject to directives from politicians, it can't make sensible business decisions. The BC government's plan to limit personal injury claims was struck down in court, and it isn't clear what their next plan is for reducing costs. ICBC's losses have cost taxpayers over $3 Billion in the past 3 years.

You're being overcharged

BC drivers pay more for insurance that other provinces; the highest in Canada by some estimates. When there are no competing providers to compare against, it's usually safe to assume you're paying too much. If not, then your savings is being subsidized by taxpayers, which isn't good either.

Drivers have no choice

Even though there are private companies providing auto insurance in BC, every driver is forced to get their basic liability coverage through ICBC. It's unethical for the government to compel citizens to do business with a company they may not like or trust.

Rally to End ICBC's Monopoly

Saturday 26 September 2020

12pm to 5pm

Contact Your MLA

Reach our to your Member of the Legislative Assembly to ask them if they are in favour of ending ICBC's monopoly. Let them know that in the next provincial election, you'll be voting for a candidate that has made a clear commitment to do so. You can find more advice here on what to say, and look up the contact info of your representative here.

Join The Mailing List

The BC Libertarian Party offers information and educational material for free with their mailing list and blog posts. You can check out the BC LP website and even consider volunteering at their next END ICBC protest!

Share your pain

Driving Choice is another campaign to end ICBC's monopoly. On their website, you can submit your auto policy renewal horror story, and let other British Columbian know the level of sticker shock your facing on vehicle insurance.

The End ICBC campaign is a project of the BC Libertarian Party. But no matter what your political views are, we want to work with you to bring choice to auto insurance in BC. For more on our plan to allow full competition in BC's auto insurance sector, visit our policy page.